“Be fruitful and multiply.” one good indicator of the works of God is the ability to multiply. Everything that God created has this capability. Whether its people, animals, plants, or even our gifts. Don’t let the potential and the gifting inside of you die without multiplying it and showing it to the world. God planted a seed of purpose inside all of us. It is our job, and the calling of specific people with which we come in contact in life, to water, nourish and grow that seed until it blossoms into what God has created it to be. Life becomes very frustrating to the (wo)man who lives a life of addition when we were all created to live lives of multiplication. This is an exponential growth. Think about the multiplication table. There are two numbers to be multiplied. One number being our spirit man, and the other being our physical. Our spirit man matures not with age but with wisdom, knowledge, understanding, prayer and purpose. Our physical man, however, ages with time. Purpose is the key to unlocking the growth in our spirit. If we don’t operate in that, we will always be living in a multiple of 1, which is essentially addition. This produces a feeling of underachieving, worthlessness or being stuck in our lives. With each year we age, we expect our lives to produce bigger outcomes, not realizing that our multiplier is staying the same. When we come into an equilibrium of our two multipliers then we begin to see the growth that God intended for us, our lives become very fulfilling , productive and fruitful.

Blessings to you all,