Happy Monday!

Lately, I’ve really been doing a lot of reading, studying learning, and searching. I’ve come to the conclusion that most humans live their entire life while selling short the creative potential of their existence. That is to say, we possess and are capable of far more than the inherent program that we allow to lead our lives.

From an early age, we’ve adopted a mindset of who we are, what we are capable of and what power we possess to create a life of abundance. But that “program” was downloaded into us by our environment (family, friends, and those around us). I think it’s not until we unlearn the norms of mediocrity that we are So accustomed to, that we really begin to transform into the legend we were born to be.

We have to “find ourselves within ourselves” in our purest form and plant the seed in the field of our imagination so it can grow. Only then can we can live in our wildest dreams. Blessings to all of you as you begin this new week. Great things are ahead!


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