The past couple of years have been pretty unforgettable.

From losing some of our most beloved heroes, to the height of the pandemic, to the social injustice, it was a year that seemed to be filled with new surprises at each turn.

But as much grief, pain, and uncertainty it provided us, it’s also been a very pivotal time in my opinion.

Personally, It taught me that many of the things that I thought I valued, aren’t actually deserving of holding that title in my life.

I learned that no matter what gets stripped from me in life, no one can ever take my ability to of choice.

Often times, we don’t get to determine what life gives us or the hands we are dealt, but we always get to determine how we will respond. Those responses oftentimes change the course of our lives.

And to be able to respond in wisdom and with love is a power. To determine that nothing can ever hold you down because you will always get back up, there’s something beautiful in that.

The last couple of years showed me that the gift that rests inside of me is one of the most powerful things that I possess. It’s in all of us, and it’s very unique to each person. I’ve learned to be uniquely who I was created to be.

Talents come and go but gifts are forever. Your gift is your superpower. The greatness that rests in each of us is immense.

Sometimes it takes a spot of darkness to show the true brightness of the light. Once the light is activated, it will illuminate everywhere it goes.

So here is to new beginnings and letting that light shine. Here is to what’s to come being far greater than what’s already been.

I’m on the journey of fulfilment and impact. Hope you will join in with me.


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