TEAM ONE - Youth Team Empowerment Coaching

TEAM ONE is a Youth Empowerment program is an 8-session Mentorship program that guides your athletes through a step by step blueprint to help them maximize not only their game but their life. Each week, we will cover a new practice that they can be implemented daily in order to build progress and momentum. Each session is 60 minutes.

Achievement comes by deliberate thought followed by action. This program will teach your athlete how to become intentional in the most important areas for achievement and how to use that intentionality as a competitive advantage.

 Life is best lived in service of others. That’s actually what purpose is. Simply put, purpose is serving the world around us. If you ask people what they like to do or what they are passionate about (as it pertains to finding purpose), more times than not, you will hear answers like this... “I love helping people” or “I like to make people feel good about themselves” or “I just enjoy being a blessing to people.” - Josh Young

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